Ukrainian Center for Law and Crime Research

The Ukrainian Center for the Study of Law and Crime promotes empirical research at the intersection of sociology, anthropology, criminology, and political science. The Center advocates the study of law in its social and cultural context as a "living law."

We study law in the form in which it lives, is accepted, applied, interpreted and understood in specific local contexts of Ukraine and the post-Soviet space in general. Our goal is to create a forum to discuss empirical research in law and society and to promote this research among the scientific and general public.

Yelyzaveta Khomovska
I am interested in policing protest, police reforms in hybrid and authoritarian regimes, policemen's career trajectories.
Danylo Chornyi
Interested in formal and informal social control, policing, informalities.
Ira Yankovska
Main research interests include social policy regarding the use and misuse of psychoactive substances, gender aspects of drug consumption and youth counter-culture practices.
Halyna Herasym
I typically work within the realm of death studies. My other research interests include policing and social conflict
Serhii Bahlai
My research interest is policing and sociology of law. I study police reforms, policing protest and police militarization.
Roman Leksikov
I study sexual and gendered violence, hate crimes and their policing, and gender-segregated institutions for men on both macro- and micro-sociological levels.
Dafna Rachok
I study sex work, people who use drugs, public health, and state policies that regulate sex work and the use of drugs.
m a n i f e s t o
We seek to study law not in its "internal logic", but in its practical functioning: for us it is important not only what is written in the law, but also how this text is understood and applied in our daily lives.

Since 2018, we conduct research , publish materials and reviews. To get acquainted with our mission, welcome to the manifesto.
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